[NEWS] W Two Worlds to be aired in Philippine TV via ABS-CBN network

ABS-CBN announced its latest acquisition of Asia’s biggest hit series namely “Love in the Moonlight,” “Legend of the Blue Sea,” “Hwarang,” “Weightlifting Fairy,” “Goblin,” “W,” and “Doctors.”

Evelyn Raymundo, head of ABS-CBN integrated acquisitions and international sales and distribution, shared the news before hundreds of communications students from different schools at the recently concluded 11th Pinoy Media Congress. The auditorium was filled with loud cheers as Raymundo showed trailers of these Asianovela hits.

First in line is “Love in the Moonlight,” which airs very soon on ABS-CBN. It stars Korea’s breakout loveteam Park Bo Gum and Kim Joo Yung in a funny and romantic story of a crown prince who falls in love with a young woman disguised as a eunuch.

Love in the Moonlight” is one of the most anticipated Korean dramas by Filipino Asianovela fans. The clamor is so high that lead star Bo Gum’s supposedly private and personal visit to Cebu recently was welcomed by screaming fans and even trended on Twitter Philippines.

International superstar Lee Min Ho, meanwhile, is back on PH television with one of Korea’s top leading ladies, Jun Ji Hyun, in a different love story about a mermaid in love with a human in “Legend of the Blue Sea.”

Fans of “Train to Busan” lead star Gong Yoo get to see him again, this time as an immortal protector of souls in hit series “Goblin.”

The Asianovela craze continues with the coming of age sports drama “Weightlifting Fairy,” and a ‘kilig’-filled series that features an elite group of young, handsome men devoted to defend the king in “Hwarang.”

Fantasy drama “W” starring Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo is also coming your way as well as “Doctors” starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. “W” tells the story of a woman pulled inside the parallel world of a webtoon his father created, where she meets the lead character Kang Cheol.

Meanwhile, medical drama “Doctors” features the romantic story between a reckless rebel turned neurosurgery fellow and her mentor.


[DRAMA] While You Were Sleeping releases character summaries synopsis

While You Were Sleeping releases character summaries  synopsis

The new drama starring Lee Jong-suk and Suzy, “While You Were Sleeping – 2017” starts filming this month. To build anticipation, details about their characters and the story were released.
Lee Jong-suk will play a criminal prosecutor who is blunt and stone-faced. His antisocial nature allows him to assess cases with emotional detachment, which makes him professionally lauded. 
Suzy will play homely by wearing glasses and a ponytail. Her character spends a lot of time housebound yet fails to maintain good housekeeping. She is sensitive about being unemployed, and will fly into a rage if it is pointed out. 
Finally, second male lead, Lee Sang-yeob is a former award-winning prosecutor who is now a well-paid criminal lawyer. 
The released synopsis for “While You Were Sleeping – 2017” is less concrete than the character profiles. It seems that the characters will struggle to change the future in spite of the odds. Earlier character profiles indicated that Suzy’s character can foresee accidents in her dreams. Lee Jong-suk’s character uses the information to try and stop them from happening. 
Lee Jong-suk and Suzy have frequently collaborated in advertising campaigns, so it has been proven that they are quite cute while eating fried chicken or performing on a stage together. It has yet to be seen what kind of chemistry the two actors generate in a more dramatic setting where lives are at stake. 
Both of the leads appear to be playing against type. It seems like a waste to stick an actor known for his flirty charm like Lee Jong-suk in a role that will force him to be emotionless. Hopefully, some of the scenarios exposing the character’s lack of social skills will be played for laughs, because Lee Jong-suk is a skilled comedic actor. 
I find it annoying when dramas cast someone as pretty as Suzy then think that sticking her in glasses and a ponytail will make her believably unattractive. Let’s hope Suzy does not play her character too broadly and turn her into a caricature that will make the female lead hard for viewers to relate to.

JK of Noonas Over Forks

[NEWS] Actor Lee Jong Suk receives praise for saving a lost cat

Actor Lee Jong Suk is currently receiving a lot of praise online due to a good deed.

On February 3, a broadcast insider shared a story about Lee Jong Suk that has fans going “aww.” According to the insider, Lee Jong Suk was staying in Busan to film the movie ‘V.I.P’ this past winter, and he came across a freezing cat on the road. Though the actor and staff attempted to find the lost kitty’s owner, Lee Jong Suk ended up taking the cat up to Seoul himself.

Lee Jong Suk was already an owner of two pet dogs, but he decided to keep the cat, who he named Walnut. Eventually, he found Walnut a good home, and reports say he was particularly picky about which home he chose.
In related news, Lee Jong Suk’s film ‘V.I.P’ has wrapped up filming, and he’ll soon be starting up filming for the SBS drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’.

[NEWS] Upcoming Film “V.I.P.” Gives First Sneak-Peek Of Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min, And Lee Jong Suk On Set

Upcoming Film “V.I.P.” Gives First Sneak-Peek Of Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min, And Lee Jong Suk On Set
The film “V.I.P.” starring Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min, Park Hee Soon, and Lee Jong Suk, recently released some behind-the-scenes photos of the actors on set.
According to the distributing agency Warner Brothers Korea, “V.I.P.” has finished its three-month filming process as of last week.
This film is about an unstoppable North Korean VIP who becomes a prime suspect of a serial murder case. Therefore, agents from South Korea’s special investigation unit, North Korea’s secret agency, and CIA as well as NIS all work together to catch him.

The character Park Jae Hyuk, who goes back and forth from the CIA and South Korea’s NIS, will be played by Jang Dong Gun. A part of the police chasing the VIP will be played by Kim Myung Min, and the secret agent from North Korea will be played by Park Hee Soon. The North Korean VIP, Kim Kwang Il, will be played by Lee Jong Suk.
The cast and crew traveled to Thailand, Hong Kong, and more during the three months of filming to create diverse shots and scenes.

The director Park Hoon Jung stated, “I’m always relieved yet sad when I’m done with a project. I plan on giving my all for the remainder of the time. The actors and staff all worked very hard.”

The actors had a chance to relay their thoughts on the film, and Jang Dong Gun said, “Fans of director Park Hoon Jung’s previous works will be able to enjoy this film as well.”
Kim Myung Min commented, “This film brings out the unique colors of the four actors. I had fun working with all the staff members.”
Park Hee Soon said, “We worked hard during the cold weather to finish this film so please look forward to it.”
Lastly, Lee Jong Suk said, “I am anticipating this film very much, and I was able to have fun with a ‘galaxy’ of actors while filming.”
“V.I.P.” has now gone into post-production and is expected to premiere in South Korea sometime in 2017.

[NEWS] ‘Samsonite Red’ drops handsome cuts of new model Lee Jong Suk 

Actor Lee Jong Suk is the new model for casual bag brand ‘Samsonite Red’!  He will be its global model for the year 2017, following in the footsteps of Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Woo Bin.

He looks handsome in casual attire, looking laid-back and handsome – total boyfriend material!  The company explained that they liked his elegant and urban image as well as his manly charisma. 


[NEWS] Suzy To Be Lee Jong Suk’s Co-Star In New SBS Drama

Suzy To Be Lee Jong Suk’s Co-Star In New SBS Drama
Suzy has been confirmed for the new drama “While You Were Asleep” (unofficial English title), and will be starring alongside Lee Jong Suk.
This is Suzy’s first time working with writer Park Hye Ryun in roughly six years, after her debut drama “Dream High” in 2011. According to the production comapny, iHQ, the drama will  premiere on SBS next year, and will be directed by PD Oh Choong Hwan, who previously worked on “Doctors” and “My Love From the Star.” Filming will begin early next year, but specifics of the airing schedule have yet to be determined.
“While You Were Asleep” is about a woman who can see unfortunate events that will befall others in her dreams, and a prosecutor who does everything he can to prevent the woman’s dreams from coming true.

[NEWS] Lee Jong Suk In Talks To Appear In New Film “Dream”

Lee Jong Suk is set to be as busy as ever next year.
According to movie industry insiders, Lee Jong Suk is currently in talks to play the leading role in “Dream,” a new movie by “Twenty” director Lee Byeong Heon. Drawing inspiration from the Homeless World Cup, “Dream” will the produced by October Cinema and will go into production next year.
Lee Jong Suk is currently working on the movie “V.I.P,” and he is also confirmed to appear in the drama “While You Were Sleeping” (script by Park Hye Ryeon, produced by iHQ). If he decides to work on “Dream,” Lee Jong Suk is set to have another busy year in 2017 working on exciting productions.
Since directing “Twenty,” Lee Byeong Heon has also worked on “Be Positive,” a web drama series produced by Samsung and Chaeil Communications.
Lee Jong Suk most recent drama was “W,” which
Are you excited by this news? Any guesses on what kind of character Lee Jong Suk will play?

[NEWS] Lee Jong Suk Talks “W” And New Movie In Singapore

Lee Jong Suk Talks “W” And New Movie In Singapore
Charismatic actor Lee Jong Suk was in Singapore for the very first time this past weekend and met up with the media at a very apt location, W Hotel.
Surprisingly, Lee Jong Suk revealed that he doesn’t remember many interesting incidents while filming the hit series “W,” as shooting was carried out during the hottest season in Korea. “It was particularly difficult for me because it was so hot, and I am someone who perspires a lot.” Anyone who has been in Korea in the summer can definitely feel his pain.

Lee Jong Suk flashes a sheepish grin for the cameras.
As it was his first time to the sunny island, Lee Jong Suk asked if he could extend his stay in Singapore for another day or two and felt sad that he couldn’t due to his very tight schedule. However, he promised to definitely try Singapore’s famous chili crab dish when recommended by his manager.

Lee Jong Suk will have a meet up with his pal Kim Woo Bin when he returns to Korea.

When asked to design his own character, similar to the premise of “W,” Lee Jong Suk gave it a lot of thought and revealed that he loves reading about ancient periods so it would be someone such as General Lu Bu from the Three Kingdoms – the invincible and most-feared warrior in history.

Not someone who plans ahead, Lee Jong Suk takes on each day one at a time.
With less than two months to go before the year wraps up, Lee Jong Suk laments that he won’t be making special plans for Christmas or the New Year as he is currently busy filming “VIP,” taking on a villain role for the first time. It will be interesting for fans and viewers to see a different side of the actor apart from the past wholesome images he portrayed in “Pinocchio” and “I Hear Your Voice.” Who else can’t wait to see this new side of him?
A special thank you to IME Singapore for the media invitation.

[NEWS] Lee Jong Suk Confirms For New Drama, Suzy Still In Talks

Lee Jong Suk Confirms For New Drama, Suzy Still In Talks
On the heels of news that Lee Jong Suk and Suzy were in talks for a new drama by writer Park Hye Ryun called “While You Were Asleep” (unofficial title), it has been confirmed by iHQ that Lee Jong Suk will be the lead. Suzy, meanwhile, has yet to confirm.
“While You Were Asleep” is about a woman who can see unfortunate events that will befall others in her dreams, and a prosecutor who does everything he can to prevent the woman’s dreams from coming true.
This drama is slated to air sometime in 2017

[NEWS] Lee Jong-suk re-enacts romantic scenario with fans

Lee Jong-suk re-enacts romantic scenario with fans

Actor Lee Jong-suk held his ‘2016 LEE JONG SUK FANMEETING – VARIETY’ at the NTU Sports Center in Taiwan, Saturday. 
According to his agency, YG Entertainment, Lee was met with an overwhelming audience of roughly 4000 fans.
In order to connect with his foreign fans, Lee had memorized popular lines from his hit MBC drama “W,” in Chinese. He had also prepared many segments and events to keep them entertained. 
The most popular segment had been re-enacting romantic scenarios from a picture book, which his character Kang-chul used in “W.” Lee called up three lucky female fans and acted out the scenarios in the book, such as holding hands and walking around stage, using his shoulder as a pillow, and looking into their eyes and brushing their cheeks. 
Lee is currently on his ‘Asia Fan-meeting’ tour, and is scheduled to hold his next fan meeting in Thailand on Friday, and another in Singapore on Nov. 12.
By Lee Sang-won (sangdoze@heraldcorp.com)